Basic 3 Consultancy Private Limited is made up of the following:

Dr. Sukhwant Singh Bhatia

Sukhwant earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at the University of North Texas.  He has extensive experience working with various colleges and universities across the globe.

Mathai Samuel

Mathai is the -Founder-Director of Basic 4 Advertising Private Limited, a successful advertising agency since 1986 and involved in working with big names like Indian Oil, Punjab National Bank, and Delhi Metro.

Don Vikrant Lazarus

Don has experience in finance and management for over 28 years, along with expertise in IT solutions for offices. He also has experience of over 7 years in the manufacturing industry.

Company Information

BASIC 3 CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, (18 of 2013), and that the company is limited by shares.